Heat and scale

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Scale and spatial quantities.     i Distance
d' = 2.d

    ii Surface

d'1 = 2.d1    ,    d'2 = 2.d2
=> s' = d'1.d'2    = 2.2.d1.d2    = 2².s

    iii Volume

v' = 2³.v

    iv Generalisation: scale factor

d' = h.d        s' = h².s        v' = h³.v

    i Notion

Flux through a piece of a surface     Flux through a close surface     "Filling" flux

     ii Exchange and equilibrium


    iii Link with the scale

Application to the problem
    i Temperature, source and flow
Q = F.S
Simplistic example of an object in thermodynamics.

    i Effect of the scale factor: ratio v/s
(§ suivant très mal dit: faire une liste )

Qc ~ v    and    Qf ~ s
v' = h³.v        s' = h².s
Q'c / Q'f     ~    v'/s'    ~    h.v/s    ~    h.Qc / Qf
    i Bodies (discussion des hypothèses et autres causes)

Other applications

1st September 2002

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